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SibBuild exposition took place in Novosibirsk from February 9th to February 12th 2016. TexSteel Association was a member of it for the first time! We would like to remind you that the founder of the organization is a known Novosibirsk company – LOMMETA, which in turn participated in the fair for 15 years.

Association «TexSteel» is the first association in Russia, the work of which is directed at the appearance of new high-tech and efficient projects with the application of architectural textile:

The latest membrane, foil and mesh building materials and technologies.

The future is behind architectural textile. The leaders of the world building and architectural business are speaking about it with confidence. That is exactly why our stand was visited by the Deputy Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Sergey N. Syomka. The specialists of the Association told him about the latest building technologies with pleasure, about TexSteel Association joining a large number of world leaders in textile architecture and membrane structures. They also showed how TexSteel Association can serve as a decoration of our beloved city of Novosibirsk as well!