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MOSCOW was strikingly outstanding in the presence of visitors «advanced in Architectural textile», who were «plunged into the topic» by us during year 2015, as well as the breadth of the «territories» – the geography of the visitors:

Almost all cities of Russia and the near abroad, Italy, Germany, France and even Myanmar!

We found understanding with all of them, told them about the beauty, modernity and manufacturability of the Architectural textile, and about what wonderful objects already exist in the world!

There were many guests from Kazakhstan. We assume that it was in the light of the forthcoming EXPO-2017. And since at the EXPOs all countries are trying to show all the latest and the most interesting engineering, at EXPO-2015 in Milan there were many exposition stands of Architectural textile. We are really looking forward to EXPO in Kazakhstan not being an exception and for Architectural textile being presented there even wider.